PAP3R is a quarterly D.I.Y. zine about paper and design. Each issue features information about niche-market craft supplies, bookbinding techniques, fun origami templates and a showcase of an artist or discipline.

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PAP3R zine published by Kimberley Hamilton and Kimberley Clifford. 2012


Fortune Teller

A fortune teller also called a cootie catcher, chatterbox,salt cellar, or whirlybird, is a form of origami used in children’s fortune-telling games.

A player asks a question, and the fortune teller operator answers using an algorithm to manipulate the fortune teller’s shape. Questions, answers, colors or numbers may be written on the fortune teller.

Standard Fortunes are:

  • You’ll be rich
  • You’ll be famous
  • You’ll fall in love
  • You’ll be happy